Can you translate....?

Alex turns 6!

How is it that he keeps getting older when we haven't aged a day?


A Bedtime Note from Alex

Creative Allison

Race for the Cure

Yesterday we participated in Portland's Race for the Cure. The Portland event is the fourth largest in the country with over 45,000 participants. We were ambitious, so we registered all four of us for the 5K run. Alex finished with an impressive time of 42 minutes. His only stop was at the aid station for water. Allison's time was closer to an hour, however she did cover most of the distance on her own two feet.


Allison's Big Day

Allison started preschool today at Hosanna Christian School. She will be attending on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. She chose to wear her favorite dress, which is a hand-me-down from her good friend Caitlin. She had a choice of several 'new school outfits', but none 'twirl' as well as this dress. Here are some highlights....

She really, really likes her teacher, Mrs. Matthews.
She had Rice Krispie treats as a snack.
She got to play with blocks on the table.
She got to sing some silly songs.
She got to go outside for recess.

This afternoon Allison attended her first ballet class of the season. She has been looking forward to this since class ended last spring. It was a very, busy day for her.


Alex's First Day

Today was a big day for Alex. It was his first day of school at Roosevelt Elementary! Last spring we had him screened for the Transitional First Grade (T1) program within the Vancouver School District. This program is designed for older kindergartners (must be 6 by December) that may be ready for a full day of school, but don't have the foundational skills for the first grade. He had a great day, and here are some noteworthy facts he reported when he got home....

They get 2 recesses!
Ms. Pulham (his teacher) has a daughter named Allison.
He would like to have his friend Morgan over to play.
There are two Zacharys and two Andrews in his class.
Brandon shared his skittles with Alex at lunch.
Ms. Pulham read the book, Franklin Goes to School.
It was Amber's birthday, and she brought cupcakes.
The sink in the bathroom has a pedal, and three people can wash their hands at the same time!
They have 170 something days left.
They are going to practice writing their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Tomorrow is Allison's first day of Preschool. Check back for an update on her....

Allison's Attempt at French


An Interview with Alex and Allison

The kids and I (Anne) were playing around with the camera today. Warning....they get kind of hyper when I pull out the camera.

Alex and Allison Singing

Alex Reading