3-Day Thursday

My money is raised, my camping gear is sorted, my bag is packed and my alarms have been set. (Two of them, since I will be rising at 4am). Tomorrow I'll begin my journey at 5:30 am near Brown's stadium. I'll be walking 22 miles tomorrow, 21 miles on Saturday and 17 miles on Sunday. Wish me luck....


3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 9

Actual Miles Last Week: 30

Training Goal This Week: 16. Not very many, however, I think Alex and Allison will be logging most if not all of those miles with me. I'll let you know how that goes.

Fundraising Update: I still have $93 left to raise.


3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 16. I seem to be getting everything lined up. I have a tent mate, rides to and from the event and my registration credentials. Now I need to begin thinking about what I need to pack. Past participants have written entire handbooks on how and what to pack. I'll need to consult those in the next two weeks. I'm limited to 35lbs in one bag, which also must include my sleeping bag.

Training Miles This Week: I'm shooting for 36 miles. I wanted to recommend the site Map My Walk for any avid walkers. There's also a running site, biking site, hiking site, etc. I've kept an online log of my miles this year. The site is free to use. Prior to even registering for the 3-Day, I had set a goal to walk 1,000 miles in 2009 (roughly 80 miles a month) which is why I began logging all my walks (although, recently, I do think I've missed logging a few miles). I've logged about 615 miles for the year. I'm pretty confident I'll meet my goal, considering I'll be walking 60 miles in one weekend alone!


3-Day Thursday

OK - so I know it's Sunday, but I figured you needed an update, and I haven't had much time in front of the computer lately. I'm 20 days out from the 3-Day. Unbelievable. I'm $93 from my fundraising goal. Oh so close. And, I just finished a 12-mile walk. I have plans to head out for a few more miles later today. Things are rolling along....


You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'...

Here's a past due post about Allison's dance recital which was on June 19th. She's had a great year at Miss Noreen's alternating between tap dancing and ballet. She performed one dance number in her recital, and did a fantastic job. We loved the costume.....