3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 93

Actual Miles Last Week: 20.5

Training Goal This Week: 9

Fundraising Update: I've raised 53% of my fundraising goal. Yay! I have 10 weeks left to raise a little over $1,000. Thank you again to all of you who have already contributed. You are able to make any online donations by clicking here.


Wordless Wednesday

Baskin Robbins' 31 cent scoop night....


Should We Talk About the Weather...?

I've been frantically checking the online weather reports for Cincinnati's Sunday forecast. As the marathon approaches I'm hoping the weather cooperates. It has been close to 90 degrees here the past three days. The summer weather has been a nice break from the rainy spring, but I really do not want to log 26.2 miles in 90 degree heat. Nor do I want to log 26.2 miles in 40 degree thunderstorms. Of course, everyday the forecast seems to change, and I don't think we'll know for sure until a few days beforehand, but right now it is looking like lovely marathon weather. Keep your fingers crossed.....

Sunday, May 03
Mostly Cloudy
Hi: 66° Lo: 49°
Mostly Cloudy. High 66F and low 49F. Winds SW at 10 mph. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: NA
Precip: 0%


Discovery Walk

This weekend I'm missing one of my favorite things about Vancouver, Washington. The Discovery Walk. Each year Vancouver hosted an international walking festival, and for three days the city was full of walkers. Over the years, I logged countless miles on Vancouver streets during the events by finishing two different marathons, a half marathon, and many 5ks and 6ks. In order to celebrate I'm wearing my Discovery Walk t-shirt today.

I found some old pictures on their website....
Alex and I running the 5k in 2008.
Finishing the marathon in 2007.
Family 6k in 2007.


3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 100

Actual Miles Last Week: 21.5. I skipped a day. Such is life.

Training Goal This Week: 20


3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 107

Actual Miles Last Week: 38

Training Goal This Week: 25 miles. This week I begin my taper for the Cincinnati Marathon, so my mileage will begin to decrease dramatically until after that event. Although this will still be a tricky week because Adam isn't around to help (more on that later), the kids had Monday off of school, and two of the four days they do attend school I will be spending my mornings (my main walking time) in their classrooms as the parent helper. I'll be logging quite a bit of miles on the basement treadmill. Not my favorite option, but it works nonetheless.

Training Walk Leader: I also mentioned in my letters that I have been trained to be a Training Walk Leader for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. My main responsibility is planning walks in our area by calculating the distance according to our training plan and arranging a meeting place for everyone to begin. I've also been able to impart some distance-walker wisdom (the little that I have) for such questions as...How can I alleviate the swelling in my hands when I walk? What type of shoes do you recommend? What's the best stretch for this muscle, etc. I've planned nearly a dozen walks. I've had a great time on the walks and have begun to meet even more people in the Cleveland area, as well as our little suburb. I've made a new walking friend who lives only a few streets away. I've also walked with another gal, a few times, who is a six-year survivor of breast cancer. This is her third 3-day walk. I once told her she should be training me........


From Alex

Alex has a first grade pen pal at a neighboring elementary school. The other day he brought home a copy of a letter than he penned to his pal. I loved it, so I thought I'd share....

Dear (friend):

Thank you for writing me back. I like your letter. My favroite hobby is tie kwon do. We are counting money. I have a math club on Tuseday. Sometimes when I go home I play on the computer. I read a lot after school. I do not play video games a lot (only) sometimes when my uncle comes over. That's why I read a lot. My favroite food is watermelon. My birthday is Semptember 26. I hope you write me back.

From: Alex



I walked 20 miles today. In marathon training a 20-miler is 'key'. Its at this point in your training you realize that you more or less could finish the entire 26.2 miles in a few weeks. Any novice marathon training schedule has you completing at least one 20-miler in your training. Ideally, I'd do at least two 20-milers, but since I've been training through the winter in northeast Ohio, I worked only one 20-miler into the schedule. If I was training through the summer the weather would allow for more. I felt lucky to at least get one in this winter. Today was a perfect day for 20 miles. Very sunny. Low 40's. A little windy but not overbearing. Armed with my MP3 player, in a little over 5 hours (and a stop for a bagel and lemonade at Bruegger's), I completed my longest training walk for the Cincinnati Marathon.

It has been a long time since I walked 20 miles. My last marathon was in April of 2007, so technically I walked 20 miles that day. However, I was lazy with my training that spring, and didn't complete a 20-miler before that marathon. If I remember correctly, I did two 20-milers in August and September of 2006, before the 2006 Portland Marathon.

A 20-miler in southeast Cleveland is quite different that a 20-miler in Portland or Vancouver, Washington. Suburbs are different, and either non-existent or quite larger, out west. You see, if I walked 20 miles in Portland (usually 10 miles out and back, or something similar), I would still be in Portland. If I walked 20 miles in Vancouver, I'd still be in Vancouver. (I never walked long-distance while I lived in Las Vegas, but if I had, after 20 miles, I'd still be in Las Vegas). Today, I walked through South Euclid, Lyndhurst, Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights (again), University Heights, and finally back to South Euclid. I actually planned my route to take me down some fabulous historic roads in both Shaker and Cleveland Heights, where I walked by the BIGGEST. HOUSES. EVER. Seriously. And, I say this after living in Vegas. And Portland. And, spending significant time in Lake Tahoe. Alex and Allison love it when we drive down these roads. They often ask if the houses are hotels. Or castles.

The Cincinnati Marathon is 3 weeks from tomorrow. After my 20-miler, I'm feeling ready.....


Opening Day

It's been over ten years since we've lived in a city with a Major League Baseball team. For those ten years, we were usually unaware of when baseball season begun. No longer. I'm not sure how you could live in Cleveland and miss the fact that today is opening day at Progressive Field. Unfortunately the Indians began their losing streak on Tuesday when they played in Texas. Already they've lost three games, and are currently losing their home opener in the 5th inning. Let's hope the entire season isn't like this....

Computer Update: Mike from Dell returned today, for the second time, and all is well with Adam's laptop. Thankfully!


3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 114

Actual Miles Last Week: 33.5. I fell short of my 35 mile goal. I had planned on walking 15 miles on Saturday. The weather was horribly windy. For a few miles I had Sierra with me, who was starting to drive me crazy. I walked home at 13.5 miles.

Training Goal This Week: 38. This is my heaviest week (mileage-wise) until the Cincinnati Marathon on May 3rd. This is also extremely tricky because the kids are on spring break. We'll see if I log all these miles while I'm busy rushing to Chuck E. Cheese and dying Easter eggs......

Total Miles for March: 125.6


Wordless Wednesday

These photos aren't of the best quality because I took them through our kitchen window and the screen. I was afraid if I moved down into the family room, and open the patio doors, I would disturb this great scene. If you look to the far right of the first picture, right where the treeline starts, you can almost make out the deer that is debating cruising through our yard. Sierra had her eye on the deer the entire time.


Pittsburgh Ikea

The kids and I headed over the Pittsburgh Ikea yesterday for Day #2 of their spring break. (They had last Friday off also, and we spent that day in Columbus with my family). I was hoping to pick up a couple pedestal tables at Ikea that match one we bought last spring in Portland. Of course, they were completely out of stock and won't be receiving a new shipment for awhile. Fortunately, I was able to pick up a few other things that made our trip worth it. (That's not hard to do at Ikea). The kids absolutely love the Ikea playlands and miss not being able to visit one regularly.

Computer Update: Dell Technician should be here sometime early afternoonish to work on the laptop. Fingers are still crossed.....


Computer Woes

We have three computers in our house. At the moment, not one is working properly. Our most important one, Adam's laptop, has a defective motherboard. He has all his school work saved on that computer, most of which is due in the next 7 days. A technician is supposed to schedule an appointment with us later this week for service. Keep your fingers crossed....


3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 121

Actual Miles Last Week: 31.5

Training Goal This Week: 35 miles

Of course, I also need to mention that in order to participate in the Breast Cancer 3-Day, I need to raise $2300 in support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. I'm thrilled to report I've raised a little over 25% of my goal. I am grateful for my supporters! However, I am hoping to raise all of my money by June. In order to be a part of my journey, you can donate online by clicking here. Or, if you would prefer to mail a check, please email me (Anne.Huminsky@gmail.com) for the mailing address. Thank you!


Wordless Wednesday

Allison started Tae Kwon Do this week. She LOVES it!