Technologically Challenged....

Sorry we've been away for awhile. We are having some issues with our desktop computer. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get it up and running soon, for tomorrow is Allison's birthday, and I know you will want to see all the pictures. Thanks!


Seahawks vs. Browns

These pictures are from last Sunday's Cleveland/Seattle game. Alex wanted all to know that he favored both teams.

Pretty as a Princess


Kid Logic

Allison: Mommy, I tasted that stuff that you put on under your arms.

Me: My deodorant...? Yuck! Why?

Allison: Because it looks like the stuff that's in Oreos. But, it doesn't taste like Oreos.


Olympic National Park

We went camping last weekend at Olympic National Park. It was a first visit to the park for all of us. We had a great time, and we hope you enjoy some of our pictures....


The Pumpkin Lane at Pomeroy Farm

Adam's Busy Fall

Many of you may be wondering why you haven't heard much from Adam this fall. There have been two major events in his life that he has been gearing up for since early last year. First, was the Portland Marathon, which took place last Sunday. Adam finished in a mere 3 hours and 22 minutes, more than 30 minutes faster than last year. Since I wasn't participating in the marathon this year, the kids and I drove along the course in order to cheer for Adam at different spots. It was a lot of fun for us.

Secondly, Adam has been considering pursuing his MBA for several years. We believe that God gave us the green light to begin that process about a year ago. However, the first step was to take the GMAT, the entrance exam for any graduate business program. He has been diligently studying for this test since last spring. On Tuesday all his hard work paid off when, upon completing the exam, he scored a 700. I won't go into all the percentages, but I will assure you that this is well above average.

Way to go, Adam!


Can you translate....?

Alex turns 6!

How is it that he keeps getting older when we haven't aged a day?


A Bedtime Note from Alex

Creative Allison

Race for the Cure

Yesterday we participated in Portland's Race for the Cure. The Portland event is the fourth largest in the country with over 45,000 participants. We were ambitious, so we registered all four of us for the 5K run. Alex finished with an impressive time of 42 minutes. His only stop was at the aid station for water. Allison's time was closer to an hour, however she did cover most of the distance on her own two feet.


Allison's Big Day

Allison started preschool today at Hosanna Christian School. She will be attending on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. She chose to wear her favorite dress, which is a hand-me-down from her good friend Caitlin. She had a choice of several 'new school outfits', but none 'twirl' as well as this dress. Here are some highlights....

She really, really likes her teacher, Mrs. Matthews.
She had Rice Krispie treats as a snack.
She got to play with blocks on the table.
She got to sing some silly songs.
She got to go outside for recess.

This afternoon Allison attended her first ballet class of the season. She has been looking forward to this since class ended last spring. It was a very, busy day for her.