Adam's Busy Fall

Many of you may be wondering why you haven't heard much from Adam this fall. There have been two major events in his life that he has been gearing up for since early last year. First, was the Portland Marathon, which took place last Sunday. Adam finished in a mere 3 hours and 22 minutes, more than 30 minutes faster than last year. Since I wasn't participating in the marathon this year, the kids and I drove along the course in order to cheer for Adam at different spots. It was a lot of fun for us.

Secondly, Adam has been considering pursuing his MBA for several years. We believe that God gave us the green light to begin that process about a year ago. However, the first step was to take the GMAT, the entrance exam for any graduate business program. He has been diligently studying for this test since last spring. On Tuesday all his hard work paid off when, upon completing the exam, he scored a 700. I won't go into all the percentages, but I will assure you that this is well above average.

Way to go, Adam!


Strycher said...

700 is an outstanding score. I have reasons why I scored lower, but I only pulled a 570 on the exam (I was finishing a full course load and traveling at the time, no time to study). Given that I came in around the 85th percentile, that would seem to put Adam in the 90s somewhere.

Ronelle Tibbits said...

Hey--that is outstanding, Adam! We are excited for you. I didn't know you were heading that direction but God bless you as you go after your MBA. Congrats on the marathon too!

Matt Mikalatos said...

Awesome! 700? That's amazing! Great job!