Ready, Freddy!

Have you heard of Ready, Freddy? We hadn't either until Granny (Anne's mom, who happens to be a first grade teacher) visited us three weeks ago. She introduced Alex to a series of books starring Freddy Thresher, a first grader who loves sharks, and is usually dealing with some type of first grade crisis. (In this book he is the only student in his class who has not lost a tooth).
There are fifteen books in the series, and in the past three weeks Alex has read 8. Each book is about 100 pages.
It thrills us to see him become such an avid reader. Many times he will have his nose buried in a book, then we'll hear him begin laughing out loud as Freddy encounters something humorous!

Pearlington, Mississippi

Anne's father has returned this week to Pearlington, Mississippi. Its his second time down there as part of a Katrina Relief trip. To read more about their adventures, click here.


What would we do without You Tube?

Do you really think anyone ever purchased this ladder....?


Discovery Walk Festival

This past weekend was the Discovery Walk Festival here in Vancouver. The Discovery Walk Festival is a yearly walking festival sponsored by International Walk Fest and the City of Vancouver, Washington to foster international friendship. There were walkers and military units from a dozen different nations.

I (Anne) have enjoyed participating in this the past few years. Over the weekend the festival provides distances to walk between a 5K and a full marathon. This year, Alex and I ran a 5K on Friday, the kids and I walked the 6K family walk on Saturday, and then I jogged a half marathon on Sunday. The walks are very well put together and they take you through some historic parts of Vancouver. They also provide great entertainment for the kids along the way, including a balloon man and face painting.

Alex had a tarantula painted on his face, and Allison became the sugar plum fairy complete with purple lipstick. I was hoping to take some pictures. We had great weather on Saturday, and our walk ended by some fountains in downtown Vancouver that are great fun to play in. Following the splashing in the fountains, the face painting really wasn't worth photographing anymore.

If you do the math, Alex logged in 7 miles this weekend. Next weekend we are headed to Eugene, OR for Adam to run the Eugene Marathon. While there, Alex is participating in his first Kids Marathon. He needs to log 25.2 miles prior to next Sunday. Then he runs the final mile Sunday morning on the actual marathon course. Thanks to our events this weekend, he's up to 23.2 miles!


Behind on Pictures....

I've recently uploaded some pictures off our camera. Enjoy....

Beloved Boxer

As many of you know, Copper is our beloved boxer who will be 10 in two months. (The average life span for a boxer is 8 years). He has been showing his age lately, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of pictures of him and the kids. These pictures were taken about 10 days ago. He was having a bad day that day. However, today was a relatively good day. We went to the park and he ran a half mile. Go Copper!

Easter Sunday

Saint Patrick's Day

While 'Walking with the Dinosaurs'