3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 107

Actual Miles Last Week: 38

Training Goal This Week: 25 miles. This week I begin my taper for the Cincinnati Marathon, so my mileage will begin to decrease dramatically until after that event. Although this will still be a tricky week because Adam isn't around to help (more on that later), the kids had Monday off of school, and two of the four days they do attend school I will be spending my mornings (my main walking time) in their classrooms as the parent helper. I'll be logging quite a bit of miles on the basement treadmill. Not my favorite option, but it works nonetheless.

Training Walk Leader: I also mentioned in my letters that I have been trained to be a Training Walk Leader for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. My main responsibility is planning walks in our area by calculating the distance according to our training plan and arranging a meeting place for everyone to begin. I've also been able to impart some distance-walker wisdom (the little that I have) for such questions as...How can I alleviate the swelling in my hands when I walk? What type of shoes do you recommend? What's the best stretch for this muscle, etc. I've planned nearly a dozen walks. I've had a great time on the walks and have begun to meet even more people in the Cleveland area, as well as our little suburb. I've made a new walking friend who lives only a few streets away. I've also walked with another gal, a few times, who is a six-year survivor of breast cancer. This is her third 3-day walk. I once told her she should be training me........

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missionalmommy said...

Way to go... You are so buff, you inspire me:)