Pittsburgh Ikea

The kids and I headed over the Pittsburgh Ikea yesterday for Day #2 of their spring break. (They had last Friday off also, and we spent that day in Columbus with my family). I was hoping to pick up a couple pedestal tables at Ikea that match one we bought last spring in Portland. Of course, they were completely out of stock and won't be receiving a new shipment for awhile. Fortunately, I was able to pick up a few other things that made our trip worth it. (That's not hard to do at Ikea). The kids absolutely love the Ikea playlands and miss not being able to visit one regularly.

Computer Update: Dell Technician should be here sometime early afternoonish to work on the laptop. Fingers are still crossed.....

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KP said...

We were at the Cincy IKEA that day. We should have coordinated that one. I had a lousy experience at Cincy so Pitt might have been a step up...and it would have been fun to see you.