3-Day Thursday

Days Until Event: 16. I seem to be getting everything lined up. I have a tent mate, rides to and from the event and my registration credentials. Now I need to begin thinking about what I need to pack. Past participants have written entire handbooks on how and what to pack. I'll need to consult those in the next two weeks. I'm limited to 35lbs in one bag, which also must include my sleeping bag.

Training Miles This Week: I'm shooting for 36 miles. I wanted to recommend the site Map My Walk for any avid walkers. There's also a running site, biking site, hiking site, etc. I've kept an online log of my miles this year. The site is free to use. Prior to even registering for the 3-Day, I had set a goal to walk 1,000 miles in 2009 (roughly 80 miles a month) which is why I began logging all my walks (although, recently, I do think I've missed logging a few miles). I've logged about 615 miles for the year. I'm pretty confident I'll meet my goal, considering I'll be walking 60 miles in one weekend alone!

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