Washington DC

It is a day of disjointed posts, to be sure, but a few weeks ago I was in Washington DC for a campus director's conference with CCC. I love DC, and managed to get out for a few hours to speedwalk the city and take in the sites. It was late, and the wind chill was in the single digits, so I had a hard time getting many good pictures, but here are a couple I am proud of. I like low-light photos with a wide-open exposure, but they are tough to take when the wind is blowing and gusting to 50 mph. So pardon the blur if you detect any:

Above, the capital building.

The next two are of the WWII Memorial, which has been completed since I was last in Washington DC. It is really beautiful at night:

And next, Donald Rumsfeld's office. Yes, the real deal. One of the guys I was traveling with had a former student who now works at the Pentagon, and got us an after-hours tour.

Of course I actually worked on this trip, too. It was a roundtable format where other directors with similar situations to mine (large city, small team, many schools, etc) discussed and shared ideas. It was a productive and enjoyable time.

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