Sugar and spice

I am learning that God gives us little boys to show us who we could become, or who we could have been. A boy looks up to his Dad and believes, for a time, that Dad is the greatest. I say, that kind of thinking can be contagious!

If boys are given to show us what we could be, then God gives us little girls to show us who we really are. Case in point:

We try to teach the kids that there is a difference between "like" and "love". Love is a long-time word, based on commitment and trust. "Like" is a circumstantial word; therefore we always love someone, even if we don't always like them at the time.

Anne and Allison were out the other day when Allison said, "Sometimes I don't like Dad." Anne, a little taken aback, told her that that wasn't a very nice thing to say about Dad. Allison's reply: "Well Mom, he makes the house kind of stinky sometimes. You know, like when he gets home from running, or when he is sleeping."

As Anne recounted this for me at dinner, I looked over at Allison, feigning surprise. Without hesitation she said, "It's OK, Dad, I still love you."

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