Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Many of you have asked about the Campus Crusade movement at Virginia Tech, and how they are responding to the recent tragedy. On the VT campus we have a staff team of 10 members, and there are over 500 students involved in the CCC ministry. Four of the deceased were students who happened to be involved with Campus Crusade. To read more about how to pray specifically for this campus, as well as testimonies from current students and CCC staff, please click here. To read about one of the students who was involved in the ministry, please click here.

Mark Gauthier, our National Director of the Campus Ministry writes this, "...the tragic events and great losses that occurred at Virginia Tech have left us grieving and clinging to the Lord in this difficult time. Though our understanding is limited, it is in these desperate times that we are reminded that we have a great High Priest who has gone before us, who loves us, and prepares a place for us. And because He stands at the right hand of the Father even now, we pray. "

Thank you for praying for those at Virginia Tech.

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