The Week in Review

We've had a busy few days. Of course the most exciting thing has been Allison's birthday which was on the 4th. However, we've had a few other things to keep us occupied, and I've posted about them below.

Last Friday night Alex, with his Indian Guides tribe, took part in the Cleveland Cavaliers High Five Club. Before the game, they got to welcome the players onto the court in a high five tunnel. This was very exciting. The Cavs won (of course!), and their games seem to be very exciting because they are a bright spot in Cleveland professional sports. Plus, now mom is familiar with some other players other than LeBron James.

ANOTHER MISSING TOOTH Alex finally lost this top tooth, and we are so glad because he's been wiggling it forever! He wanted to be the one to pull it out this time (not Dad) so it took a little longer to break free.


Alex now has his 'Blue Tip' Tae Kwon Do belt (blue with a white line in the middle). He tested for his blue belt awhile back, but mom forgot to bring the camera that day. Today he presented his form for the judges as well as a kick to break the board.


As I mentioned Allison's birthday was on Thursday, and her big gift was her first American Girl Doll, a Bitty Baby. She loves her new baby so much! (There are some pictures below of them in matching green dresses and hats). Today, however, we celebrated with her friends. There are only 4 girls in her Pre-K class (and 9 boys!). This is hard on the teacher, but easy for mom to plan a party. We celebrated in complete princess fashion with boas, tiaras, wands, and a multi-layered cake. The girls had a great time, and of course, Allison had the most fun!


Doll Clothes Gal said...

What a great blog post - I love the toothless picture.

Hank and Jenna said...

This makes me miss being a little girl....I love dress up!