Happy 2009!

Recent Happenings at our House:

Unlimited Hours of Excitement on New Leap Pads. For Christmas, Allison received a Leapster, (which we were already familiar with because Alex received one a few years ago), and Alex received the new Leap Pad Didj. We've become huge fans of the Didj. I highly recommend it.

Marathon Training. We've decided once again to both conquer the full 26.2 miles. We're planning on the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati this spring. This means winter training in Northeast Ohio. So far, so good. We're less than 17 weeks out from the big event. We'll keep you posted.

No More Winter Break. School resumed for both the kids this week, and Adam begins his spring semester next Monday. We had a great break. We traveled to Dayton for a few days around Christmas. The kids celebrated three times this year...once just with the four of us, once with Adam's family, and once with mine. They were thrilled.

Still Waiting for that Cleveland Snow. We have yet to truly experience lake effect weather. We've had a little snow, but not nearly what we were anticipating. The kids are still waiting for a snow day, which I'm not sure even happens around here because of how prepared for the snow everyone is. I know its only January though. It still can happen. However, we've found it terribly ironic that both Las Vegas and Portland have experienced quite a snowfall.

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