This Blog Needs an Update....

It's been awhile, I know. Truth is, along with the 3-Day, we've had a pretty crazy summer. Adam was in Boston for 10 weeks. Yes. You read that right. 10. The entire time the kids were out of school Adam resided in Somerville, a suburb of Boston near Cambridge. He consulted this summer for the Boston Public Schools. He was offered the job last winter, and since it was inline with one of his specializations, we figured he should take the opportunity. Of the 10 weeks he was gone, we were together 4, so the weeks moved quite quickly. I was hesitant to say anything sooner since our picture is front and center on this website along with our city of residence. I figured the internet did not need to know that Adam was out of town all summer.

He liked his job, and we really loved Boston. It had been awhile since either of us had been there, and when you're there for that amount of time, you get to know the city far more than your average tourist. I have tons of pictures to upload and post once we finish unpacking.

We arrived home late Thursday night and today Adam resumed classes. Not much of a break. We did a lot of traveling during the summers while employed by Campus Crusade for Christ. Since this was our first summer not serving full-time with the ministry we thought it would be less chaotic. However, this one proved to be one of the busiest, but like all the others, well worth it!

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