North and South

I'm thrilled to report that we've had a great start to school. We've only been 'in session' for two weeks, and both those weeks were short weeks due to Labor Day and a Field Trip which was a blast! Friday we traveled to Zoar, Ohio with our Field Trip Co-op for their civil war days. The City of Zoar holds a Civil War Festival each fall which includes many battle reenactments. On Friday they host a school assembly with stations practicing old techniques (weaving, wood detail, candle-making, confederate and union camps, etc.) along with an artillery and cavalry demonstration. On Thursday, in preparation for the trip, we read quite a bit about the Civil War and the 19th Century.

The kids and I, enjoyed ourselves so much that we returned with Adam on Sunday to watch one of the battles. Neither one of us had ever been to a Civil War reenactment, and now I can see why they draw such a crowd! The South won the battle we watched, although I think it had something to do with their five cannons to the Union's two.

I'm super happy with all the curriculum I have chosen for the kids and promise to post more about what our school schedule looks like at a later date!

I caught this 'dressmaker' texting. Very 1800's.


heather said...

looks like fun anne! i'm glad/relieved you're enjoying the curriculum and look forward to hearing more about it, you brave woman! :)

vicky @ thecitycradle said...

WOW, Civil War reenactments.... You are REALLY not on the West Coast anymore:)
PS. your kiddos are so sweet and cute, I hope mine end up that wonderful, great job!