And So it Goes....

Hello! It's been a while, I know. After a lot of thought, we decided a few months ago to shut down our blog. Part of it has to do with privacy to our children as they get older. Part of it has to do with the fact that we no longer need the blog to update our ministry supporters. We also used the blog pretty regularly to share photos with our family when we lived over 2000 miles away. Now that we are closer to our families, we no longer need the blog as a means to update them. After a lot of thought and discussion we realized we just aren't a family who blogs.

My one hesitation in closing down the blog was that I didn't want to lose all the information we had already stored on it. Our blog did serve as a running scrapbook/journal for the past four years. It was easy to remember what we did, and where we were, because every blog entry had a time and date stamp. I'd love it if scrapbooking was so easy! Over the past few days I've been working on a site called blurb.com and discovering how to turn our blog into a book. What a novel idea! I've had a great time turning our blog into a scrapbook to keep.

The only thing I've been having trouble with is figuring out what to do with our stored videos on the site since they won't transfer to a book. At some point I suppose I need to download them to our hard drive, and until that happens, our site will still be up and running.

If you want to connect with us, or find out what we're up to, you can always reach us on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

Until later,


Anonymous said...

sadness...but i understand. not sure that i'll keep mine up after we return to OR. shawn used blurb.com to make me a book and it turned out great. what a great idea for your blog. let me know how it turns out. :) miss you guys!

Vicky said...

Ahhhh. I will miss seeing those cutsey kids of yours from 2000 miles away! Totally understand though.

PS. Blurb became our baby book:) I love it!

Anonymous said...

Sad to see it go, but I understand. I enjoyed the writing and insight and the pictures....


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