Alex's school fundraiser

Alex's school hosted a spaghetti dinner tonight to raise funds for the school.

It was chaos.

The tables were set up in the gym, and apparently it is a rule that all kids under the age of six must run as fast as possible, without looking around, in every direction. It was like a flock of birds had been released inside the gym, with random direction changes and 80-decibel squawking. As I could discern the rules of the running game, bonus points seemed to be awarded for slamming into adults trying to carry cups of juice back to the tables.

There were some pretty cool crashes, too. Full-on, state fair demolition derby-style crashes. At one point some kid knocked over a cubicle divider, the noise of which reverberated across the gym. Every parent's head in the place came up, not to see if anyone was hurt, but to hope that it was not their kid that knocked it over.

We got out alright, though, and had a pleasant evening.

(No children were harmed in the above events.)

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