Pacific University

I had an encouraging meeting today with Dave and Karen, who are campus ministers at Pacific University with another campus ministry. We talked about how we could work together to build one another up and help each other succeed in ministry.

We agreed that for CCC to come to campus and set up another group might be covering the same ground twice, as they are doing a fantastic job of evangelism and discipleship on campus. But, they have some ethnic and foreign student contacts on campus that would like to launch ministries into their affinities but are unsure how to do so.

Thankfully this year CCC has some team members who are specialists in ethnic and international ministry. So, our team will be heading out to Forest Grove in a few weeks to see if God has given us favor to begin targeted ministries to these people groups.

I love it when ministries can work together this way. Each has something to offer, and the trick is to keep open minds and hands and allow God to lead each one to be used in the most effective way.

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