What a downer

Anne and I took the kids to a restaurant last night to watch the Ohio State - Florida game. The place we went is a local Ohio State hangout, and it was wall-to-wall scarlet and gray. The kids were excited by the energy of the place, although Alex had to cover his ears from all the noise.

Things were great for the first sixteen seconds of the game. The whole place went crazy when the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. After that, it got really depressing. You would have thought someone was kicking puppies, judging by the shocked silence for the next two hours.

Anyway, once the "blue" team started getting really far ahead, Alex kept asking how long until we could leave. You know it's a bad football game, or at least bad for your team, when a little boy has had enough of the action.

We left at halftime.

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Kaci said...

Yeah, you really feel bad for the OSU fans who paid $1000 a ticket to go see the game!

It was a great season with a not so great ending.