Winter Conference

Yesterday marked the last day of our Winter Conference held this year in Portland. Students from schools all over the Northwest stayed for four days in Portland for a time of worship, teaching, and outreach.

Our Portland team coordinated the day of outreach to the city. We had students working and serving in over 30 different locations on Sunday December 30. Groups fed homeless, passed out clean socks to homeless, did free maintenance and spent time with residents at hursing homes, cleaned up local parks, struck up spiritual conversations at coffee shops, played basketball with kids at troubled and at-risk youth programs, and participated in many other venues.

Overall feedback from the day has been incredibly positive. Our aim was to give the students at the conference a chance to live out their faith in Christ in a tangible way. We desire that they would see how natural it can be to serve God, and have that begin to characterize their lives in increasing measure.

Thanks for praying for our conference...it is probably the most significant thing we do all year. Pray now that the students from Portland that attended the conference would take back what they have learned and continue to live it out on campus and in their lives.

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