1. The tooth fairy came to our house Thursday night for the first time. She brought Alex $1, which we thought was a pretty fair exchange for his bottom right tooth. Until we discovered she visited our neighbor the same week and brought her $2 for a tooth. I guess I should have checked into the going rate for a tooth these days.

2. Allison is becoming a great little reader. She has been consistently reading Dick and Jane stories to her preschool class. She loves the attention she gets for reading, and her teacher has been using her to teach the other children how to read some basic words.

3. Our house now has two bathrooms, thanks to Adam. He has been spending all his spare time plumbing, wiring, installing, etc. He did it all himself. When I think about all that had to happen in order for everything to work properly, I'm quite impressed! By the end of the month we should have a completely finished basement. I'm excited!

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