Busy Weekend

We spent our final weekend in Vancouver, Washington, and it was a busy one! Alex's last day of school was last Wednesday, and then he had a martial arts graduation on Friday night. Allison had a dance recital on Saturday afternoon. We specifically set our move date around these three events so the kids could enjoy their activities to the fullest!

Alex graduated to a full yellow belt, and Allison performed three times (one ballet dance, one tap dance and one Hawaiian dance). To add to the fun, Granny and Grampa Mike (Anne's parents) joined us in Vancouver one last time to see the shows. We've posted many pictures below.

We're headed out this weekend. Anne is flying with the kids Friday night, and Adam and his dad are leaving with the moving truck Saturday morning. We have lots of loose ends to tie up this week, but if you're in the area, please stop by. We'd love to see you one more time!

Off to work....


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad you're moving. I think I might cry. I REALLY WISH I could come over and visit, but with being low on income and gas being so high, it is not an option. But I'm going to miss you guys! A lot! Weird, huh, since we don't even live in the same town anymore. Are you going to keep updating your blog for me?

Anonymous said...

Oops...forgot to sign it. That one (down there) is from me. Anita :)

Anonymous said...

wish you didn't have to leave portland, but we're soo excited for your new adventure...oh and it will be adventuraous w/all your family around!
congratulations adam!
we'll miss you guys, keep us updated on your blog!

Kristen said...

I am excited for your new life back in Ohio! And I am so thrilled that when I come back to Dayton to visit at least we will be in the same state. We will have to get together more often now. Safe travels!