International Friendship Day

Friday, at Alex's school, we celebrated International Friendship Day. The school held an assembly that afternoon recognizing the many different international friends at Roosevelt. The school is very diverse...over 120 of the 645 students are English Language Learners.

A few weeks ago, we received a secret invitation to attend because we were told Alex was going to receive an award. Along with his friend Eduardo, they received a Roosevelt Friend award for being good friends to each other and to other students at the school. The award was a surprise for him, and he was informed of his honor when his picture flashed on the big screen in front of the entire school. He also received a certificate, a framed picture of Eduardo and himself, and a goodie bag. All this was very exciting for an almost-first-grader.


Kaci said...

That's so sweet that he got that award and that it was a surprise! I bet he will remember that for a long time to come.

Scott said...

That is wonderful! Definately something to be proud of...being a good friend! Cheryl