Misplaced License

I seem to have misplaced my Washington Driver's License. Which really wouldn't be that big of a deal, if I was in Washington. But since I am no where near a Washington DMV this is proving to be a little bit of a hassle.

The last I remember seeing it was about two weeks ago. Adam needed it in order to activate our Ohio insurance. I remember seeing it on the counter and thinking to myself, 'that's not the best place for that'. I slipped it into a side pocket of my purse. On Thursday I went to register Alex for school, and that's when I noticed it was missing. My best guess as to what happened, is that it fell out of that side pocket of my purse during one of my many Target runs over the past 10 days. (I went back to Target to ask if anyone turned it in, but no luck!).

I called the Ohio DMV to ask what I needed to do to get an Ohio license. Since I have no proof that I am a driver, I would need to apply for my temps (I did that once....18+ years ago), and then return to take the written and driving portion of the Ohio driver's exam. (If you have a valid license, all you need to do is take the written portion). I would need to pass the maneuverability test (if you didn't test in Ohio, that's parallel parking through orange road cones...I saw a kid practicing this in a parking lot the other day. He wasn't doing too well). Plus, our Corolla is a manual transmission, and whereas I have becoming a fairly decent stick driver, I'm still paranoid I would stall out during the exam which would cost me points.

So, my alternative, is to order a replacement license by mail from the state of Washington. It will have no picture or signature on it, but it will be a valid license. I was told it could take up to four weeks, so until then I'm using my passport as a valid form of identification and guarding that thing with my life. Its imperative that I have an ID to sign closing papers on our house, open any local banking accounts, etc.

With our lives being in transition for so many months, I feel pretty good that we only lost one thing. It just happens to be a major thing. If it turns up, I'll be sure to let you know.

FYI....when I was 16 I did pass the Ohio Driver's Exam on the first try. Even the manuverability part. Many of my friends, at the time, could not say the same. I took the test in a 1979 Pontiac Bonneville. If you are unfamiliar, it is a rather LARGE automobile.

And, I titled this post, 'Misplaced License', because when I told my mother I had lost my license, she inquired as to what I had done to have it taken away by the authorities.

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