The Power of Advertising

We have a cable TV subscription now. We have never had one, and the only access the kids ever had to cable TV was when we visited family or stayed in hotel rooms. And, this is beyond basic cable. We have about 500+ channels. It is a little overwhelming for me (Anne) to even navigate the remote control. However, we aren't keeping the package. They needed to install the television in order to install our online package, and we get the first month free. Whereas we are excited for our all-Olympics-channel, we will be cancelling the cable TV in three short weeks.

Prior to this, our children only knew of cartoons on PBS. And, PBS does not run commercials. Commercials are a fairly new thing to them, and I'm realizing how suggestible they are to advertising. For instance.....

(After spotting the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on the counter).
Allison: Hey...those are quick and easy one step disinfecting.
Alex: Mom, next time you should buy the Lavender ones. They have a fresh scent, and their dispenser comes with 25% more.

Alex: Mom, in case your Diet Pepsi doesn't wake you up, there is now a new Diet Pepsi max with more caffeine and ginseng.

Both kids running excitedly into my room: Mom! There is this new magic fishing pole with a net that attaches to it to catch minnows! You place it into the water, and it does all the work.
Alex: It is only $30. You need to call a phone number to order it, but it is also available in stores.

There have been a few others, including a Red Robin song that they kept singing last night at the dinner table. Adam was reminded of Marge Simpson saying, 'Does anyone in this family know any songs other than food commercials?'.

We lose the cable in three weeks. Then its back to the commercial-less land of PBS.


Scott said...

That's hysterical!


Matt Mikalatos said...

Classic. I was laughing out loud.