My contribution to the conversation about Sarah Palin

What hasn't already been said? Can you think of another political figure (not even to mention one's family) that has endured the intensity of scrutiny and attack that Sarah Palin has stirred up? My two cents:

1. She is the 'all-in' movement from the McCain campaign. Anyone familiar with poker knows that one of the tactics is to push your whole pile of chips in and dare your opponent to match you. It takes HUGE confidence, and forces opponents to think hard about the cards they are holding. Of course, if you get caught bluffing...

2. It makes McCain interesting, and potentially wrests the "change" mantra straight away from the Obama campaign. Obama talks change but picks an entrenched insider in Biden; McCain is seen as more of the same old/same old, but picks a nobody reformer (so the storyline goes). Suddenly people want to listen to what McCain has to say.

3. Perhaps most powerfully, Sarah Palin embodies one of the greatest of American archetypal storylines; that is, that behind every great man is an even greater woman. I am surprised not to have seen this discussed before, but I think Palin has aroused the feelings she has because we have all been conditioned to know with certainty that the woman makes the man. If McCain can tap that sentiment and not seem to be overshadowed or intimidated by Palin, but rather empowered and lifted up by her presence...

This election keeps getting more interesting!

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