Yesterday evening we made a significant purchase. We settled on 'Sierra' who came from a Boxer mother and Yellow Lab father. She is 9-weeks-old and very cute and cuddly. She has her share of playmates around here, as Alex and Allison have greatly entertained her. In fact, in one of the photos below, you can almost see how sweaty Alex is from running her around the yard dozens of times. We have a pretty full few days ahead of us, but we promise to update you more on her very soon!


Anonymous said...

How big will Sierra grow to?

- Will

matt said...

I bet RCA is pissed you stole their mascot.

Anonymous said...

Will - probably 50-70 lbs. Her father was 80 lbs. Meaning he was as big as your left bicep.

- Adam

Vicky said...

So cute!! I like the new puppy.

shmoopios said...

so cute!
miss you guys!