The Flying Pig

We've returned home, and have somewhat recovered, from the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. It was a great (but hilly) course and a wonderfully planned race. The city seems to really get behind the event and the directors must think through every last detail. We had a rainy/drizzly start, but for the rest of the race the weather was acceptable. Not only does the race have aid stations at every mile, but the aid stations have themes and the volunteers dress the part. Check out Margaritaville at mile 18.

We went through many neighborhoods and the residents were out with their grills, radios and pig costumes having a blast and cheering us on. We heard that once you've 'Done the Pig' you wind up being a little disappointed in the other Ohio marathons because of how well you're cared for in Cincinnati. Once we check out some of the other events, we'll let you know if that rumor is true.

Adam ran the half marathon in a little under 2 hours, and I walked the full marathon in 6hrs and 20mins. Give us a few more days to recover (and to attempt to walk up and down our stairs) and we'll let you know if we'll do it again next year.

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