I've been busy organizing pictures. Well...some of them, anyway. I remember when I used to load film into a camera, and I took about 40 pictures a month. Now, thanks to the advancement of digital photography, I take 40 pictures on a Tuesday afternoon. Each year I've been making a book highlighting some family events. For each child, individual milestones (like loose teeth, dance recitals, birthdays, etc.) still end up being displayed in their own personal scrapbook. I've come to the realization that there is no way I can showcase every picture. There are just too many.

I've finished a book for 2008, and you can link to it below. I always end up quickly putting them together because there are certain times when shutterfly (my preferred online photo site) runs specials on the books and shipping. The sale ended today.

I've found this blog to be helpful in recapping memories because everything has been recorded, with a date!

And, by the way, the book has already been ordered. So, if you notice a typo, please don't tell me. :D Enjoy....


Anonymous said...

2008 was a very event filled year for the huminsky family. Thanks for sharing it. You can see how much the kids have grown in the last year in their faces.
nancy s

The Moser Family said...

This is a great idea! I finally spent some time a few weeks ago getting all my digital photos into one folder on the computer after several computer hard drive changes over the years. It's nice to not have boxes of photos sitting around, but I also miss the albums. The kids like to sit down and look through them. Looks like you've had a fun and full year. Blessings to your family!