Campus happenings

We are at the time of year when, oddly, we are thinking about the end of the school year. Although it is still a few months off, now is when we think through how we will go about ending the year well and begin setting up for the fall.

At the moment, we are performing some overhaul on several of our ministries. We have been to the corners of the city this year, and where we have seen God's blessing is where we are investing our time. But each extant ministry has something that needs to be tweaked or adjusted toward maximum health and effectiveness.

For example, one of our ministries has a very strong church partnership. But the student involvement in Campus Crusade's retreats and conferences is non-existent. This requires that we work with the church leaders to help raise the profile of missions and conferences to the students involved on that campus. I am working with our staff team representative at that school to map out a course of action to do so.

There are probably a half-dozen such adjustments that we are making this winter/spring. Some, like the example given, are minor; others are more drastic. In each case we must proceed with care, wisdom, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to make changes that are useful and sensitive to the students.

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