The 'roll' of the Holy Spirit

Last week I taught a class at our church's high school group about the role of the Holy Spirit and how to live life in the power of the Spirit. I have said before that I think it is very important for all believers to learn how to walk in the power of the Spirit. It was great afterwards as several high schoolers came up and thanked me and talked about how useful it was to learn about how God wants them to live lives of power, abundance, and fruitfulness.

Anyway, I had several pages of handouts that I gave the class with Scripture, illustrations, and such. After the class was over, all the boys in the class realized quickly that the handouts, rolled up all at once, made quite the firm object for hitting each other over the head. Guys were running everywhere, hitting each other over the heads with my handouts.

Watching it was pretty funny. One could draw a parallel between hitting each other in the heads with the handouts, and how we often use truth and doctrine in our lives, but that is for a person more clever than I am.

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