What about Alex?

So we always have posts up now about the funny things Allison says. She seems to be going through a phase now where every word is comedy gold. But Alex is pretty funny too. Coyotes are a case in point.

Alex is both fascinated by and terrified of coyotes. They work their way into the strangest places in conversations, too.

A while ago we were driving through Portland when we saw a couple homeless people putting down their sleeping bags under a freeway overpass. Alex asked why they were going to sleep there. We explained to him that some people don't have houses, and do the best they can.

Alex thought about this for a while and then said, "Well, I can't believe they'd sleep outside like that. Do you know why?"

Me: "I don't know...uhh, coyotes?"

Alex, sitting forward in his car seat and raising his finger in the air: "That's what I'm talking about!"

Tonight we ate dinner at Costco, and Allison dropped her hotdog on the floor. Alex asked me what we do now that she dropped her dinner. I said that we could just leave it there and a coyote would come along later and eat it. Alex looked over at the huge garage doors that led out of the building and into the parking lot, and said, "There could be coyotes in here. They never shut those doors!"

One night Alex came down stairs from bed because he thought he heard a coyote in the house. This is not an uncommon occurence. But this night he noticed that the doors to the house were locked. With a huge sigh of relief, he asked if we locked the doors every night. When we said yes, he said, "Well good. Because a coyote can't unlock a door...can it?"

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Becks & Lee said...

What a guy! That is awesome! :o) Thanks for sharing a little about Alex as well!