House Guests

Every year we have a family of robins make a nest somewhere in our yard...either on the back porch or in a large bush outside our front window. Throughout the past few springs, we've enjoyed watching their eggs hatch and seeing them care for their young. This year, however, they chose a new spot for their nest. Right in the middle of the roof on our front porch. We found this to be a little bit of a nuisance, considering we are attempting to sell our house. So, once they began their work, we immediately began to stop it. I must say, these are the most persistent robins we have ever seen. Daily they have returned with their nest materials, and daily we have knocked down their work and cleaned up the mess. This has been going on for over three weeks now, and it gives us one more thing to do in order to prepare our house for a showing. Adam had the idea of placing one of Alex's dinosaurs up onto the ledge where they were nesting...thinking a lizard would scare them off. Now they seem to be preparing a nest for the dinosaur too. (See the pictures below). They've worked so hard, I think we'll let them stay, once our house sells.

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