Swingset Fun

Over four years ago, Adam began work on our wooden backyard play structure. One of those "you-and-a-buddy-can-assemble-this-in-a-weekend" type kits. Feel free to blame Home Depot for the faulty advertising. A mere six weeks later, we had it up and running. Here are some pictures of the assembly with a little help from little Alex, who was two at the time.

This play structure has become a staple of our backyard. Its seen many, many hours of use. Its where both Alex and Allison (and the neighbor girl) learned to work a swing. They've also learned to jump...off the swings AND the slides. (I have video documenting this, but for some reason I'm having difficulty uploading it. Check back later). The upper level clubhouse areas have been 'imagined' into everything from pirate ships to campgrounds to museums. I know the museum sounds odd, but right now, even as I type this, they've "opened an exhibit" of pine cones, leaves and acorns.

All that to say, it will be one more thing we'll need to leave behind. So, I'm trying to take as many pictures as possible. I've posted a few below.

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