We went to California this weekend....

....can you tell?

The good news is, our little Corolla averaged 40mpg!

We spent the three day weekend in glorious Lake Tahoe, although the weather was far from glorious. As you know we've spent multiple summers in Lake Tahoe as part of Campus Crusade's Lake Tahoe Summer Project. Even though we are extremely excited about our transition, we've realized that its summers in Lake Tahoe that we'll miss the most. We wanted to pay it one last visit, while we were still within road tripping distance. It may be many years until we return.

Due to the lousy weather, we spent most of our weekend indoors, but we still had a fabulous time!

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David, Kristen, Emily & Kate said...

My dh says that it may go as high as $5 next week if this low pressure turns into a hurricane next weekend (which it certainly may) b/c all of the oil rigs will have to shut down operations. IF that happens, we will be forced to postpone our Ohio trip (b/c David will have to work and b/c of gas prices), thus we won't be going to Ohio until after you move there!
:-) Woo hoo!