Ongoing Responsibilities

As we mentioned earlier, we will continue our employment with Campus Crusade for Christ through the fall. We are busy transitioning out of our roles in Portland and training our replacements.

Earlier this spring Anne, once again, directed the annual National Human Resources Sending Associate Conference. During this conference, new Sending Associates are trained in order to effectively recruit, interview, hire and assess new Campus Crusade staff members. Not only does Anne determine the schedule of the conference, she also presents the majority of the training material from up front. She has become one of the foremost experts on our new staff application and our hiring process. This is a busy season for her because, nationally, we hire most of our new applicants during the summer. Along with hiring our new staff, she has been asked to consult with a working group that is rewriting our application materials. This will keep her busy throughout the summer.

Since January, I have been working with our staff that are leading our International summer projects. Our teams are anticipating their upcoming summers, preparing to spend 4-6 weeks in: Japan, Croatia, Italy, Venezuela, Australia, Costa Rica, and Russia. My role has been to assist them operationally and strategically. I’ve been busy processing donations, filling out insurance forms, addressing parent concerns, identifying travel issues, etc. Some of our teams leave this week! Please be praying for them and their students as they encounter what will be an unforgettable summer. I will need to continue my role coaching these leaders until all teams return to the U.S. and their finances are wrapped up in August.

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