7 Daily Chores

Occasionally I visit the blog Totally Together Journal. The blog features tips on how you can organize your busy household. (Is that an oxymoron...?). The author has 7 Daily Chores for a Highly Successful Household. I've only posted the steps below, but she goes into a detailed outline on her site. I've found the list to be useful. Of course all these chores should be obvious to me, but for some reason I find them easier when they're in outline form.

Number 1: Make Beds Right Away
Number 2: Do One Complete Load of Laundry
Number 3: Empty All Garbage Cans
Number 4: Keep Your Kitchen Sink Empty
Number 5: Clean Up After Yourself and Help Children Do the Same
Number 6: Bathroom Wipe-Down
Number 7: Before Bed 10-Minute Clean Up

I'm still not sure your house will be completely organized, but I guarantee it will be less chaotic.


thecitycradle said...

That is a GREAT list! I think I might write it down somewhere and attempt it daily. I have found organization and finished laundry very lacking in our home lately.


Anonymous said...

You can also check out flylady.com for add'l suggestions. :)