Red Rock Half Marathon

Last weekend Adam and I traveled to our old stomping ground of Las Vegas, NV to participate in the Red Rock Half Marathon. We had a great time! The Red Rock National Conservation Area sits in the desert mountains to the west of Las Vegas. We always loved making daytrips out there when we lived in Las Vegas. The park has a 13-mile one way loop road that travels throughout the canyon. When we lived in Las Vegas we weren't the runners/walkers that we are now, and we have always regretted not traveling by foot along the 'loop' road. Fortunately, we had the opportunity last weekend.

The half marathon was one of the most difficult courses we have ever done. The starting elevation was around 3000 feet, and then we climbed another 1000 feet in the first few miles. Mile 4 was entirely uphill. I mentioned in an earlier post that we are training for the Cincinnati Marathon this spring. We've heard there are some 'killer hills' on that marathon course, but I guarantee you there is no hill in Cincinnati that compares with the mountains of the desert southwest. Despite the intensity of the course, we were both somewhat impressed with our performances.

We've been training throughout the winter here in Cleveland, and part of the reason we planned a trip to Las Vegas, is because we thought we'd log some weekend miles in warmer weather. However, Vegas had unseasonably cold weather last weekend, and I think it was warmer in Cleveland than it was in Vegas Saturday morning. But the sun was out, and the scenery was perfect, so we're not complaining. And, we're feeling even more prepared for our next Marathon in May.

We moved to the Portland area from Las Vegas in the spring of 2003. The city is probably twice as big now as when we left. During our time in Las Vegas we used to hear rumors that the city was running out of room to build. Well......they're still building.

Wild donkeys in the Canyon.

This is one of the things we miss the most about Las Vegas. The sky looks like this nearly 365 days a year!

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