West Side Market

On Saturday we finally ventured over to the West Side Market. Impressive. We've heard about the Cleveland West Side Market since we arrived in town, and we have been meaning to check it out for awhile. This is how its always described by others...

"You've got to check out the market. The market is so cool. Its almost like the one in Seattle (Pike Place)....but I've never been to Seattle. That's just what I've heard."

Well, after moving here from the Northwest, we had high expectations. Portland had a wonderful Farmer's Market, and even Vancouver's was great in its own way. And, we have been to the Pike Place Market, so we could make a fair comparison. Cleveland definitely has a well put together market. I was amazed at the amount of meat vendors there. I will be eager to return when more produce and flowers are in season. However, what impressed me the most were the prices. I always found the prices at the markets in the Portland area a little higher than what one could find at the grocery store. Granted, the quality was better, but sometimes the price wouldn't allow us to partake. However, at the market, I found the prices to be, on average, either the same as the grocery store, or even lower. Quality, freshness and price! We'll definitely be returning with many more sacks to carry our purchases home.

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