At the starting line...

Tomorrow officially starts the school year for the Portland Metro Team of Campus Crusade for Christ. In the afternoon we will be having a welcome-back BBQ at our house, where the members of the team will get together for the first time and begin the process of getting ministries started and resourced for the 2006-2007 school year. On Friday we will have an extended prayer time in the morning, and head over to Washington State University - Vancouver after lunch to host a club table at the incoming Freshman orientation. This is a unique opportunity, as WSU-V has never had a Freshman class before...it has historically been a Junior-Senior school. This is the first year they have admitted Freshmen, and we are excited to be there to welcome them.

The Portland staff team this year looks to have 14 people, which to my knowledge is larger than ever. Trying to reach 21 schools and 100,000 students is daunting, and more hands are always welcome. I (Adam) will be leading the team this year, and am really looking forward to it.

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