A good day on campus

As mentioned, yesterday saw me (Adam) going to two campuses to help them launch their ministries for the year. My first stop was Concordia University. I dropped off 100 Freshman Survival Kits for them to use at their student group fair this week, where incoming Freshmen will check out clubs and groups that they can join. The Concordia campus ministry coordinator could not have been more excited to use our materials.

Next it was off to Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. Yesterday was the first day of classes, and four of us from CCC went down to meet with the CCC student leadership and help them with first-day outreaches. We gave away over 250 Survival Kits in about 45 minutes, which is amazing.

Linfield, as you can see, is a beautiful campus. Plus, they can go see the Spruce Goose anytime they want to.

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