A new job

In a few days I (Adam) will be starting a new position within Campus Crusade. For some time I have been on the Portland (OR) Metro team, seeking to establish ministries of evangelism and discipleship on the 21 campuses in Portland. Now, I will be leading that team.

My official title will be "Portland Metro Director." Our team will be composed of ten full-time CCC staff, and will be targeting the 100,000 students in our city. Portland is unique in that it is the least-churched city in the US. I will share some of our successes and challenges this year as we confront them.

Our meetings start up on Thursday August 17. Our first schools begin classes on August 21. We will be launching schools all the way through October 2.

Anne will be continuing in her role as part of the regional/national Human Resources team. She is currently planning a national conference to be held in Orlando in October to train and equip all of the CCC HR staff who review and interview applicants to our ministry.

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