An exciting week ahead!

Several of our schools launch this week, including Linfield College, University of Portland, and Concordia University. We will be busy launching in these and several other places.

This is our second year of partnership at Concordia, a very traditional Missouri Synod Lutheran school. They have found in recent years that more and more non-Lutherans and non-Christians have been enrolling there, and so last year they contacted us to see if we could help them reach out to their non-Christian students. Why yes, yes we can!

Last year we held an evangelism training for their Christian students, in order to help them communicate the Gospel more clearly with the non-Christians. It was a basic Four Spiritual Laws training. Concordia has invited us back again this year to talk more in depth about introducing the Gospel into relationships with friends and family.

At Concordia and other schools, we will use Freshman Survival Kits to get good Gospel materials into the hands of incoming students, as well as using htem as a way to meet students who would like to be involved.

I will keep you posted this week!


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