First days

I (Adam) just got back from our first campus visit of the year today. Washington State University - Vancouver had their Freshman orientation today, and myself, along with three other men from our team, were on hand to meet interested students and try to get a group started there.

This is the first year WSU-V has admitted freshmen, so we were catching the first class, and had a good response. We talked to around 50 students out of the 180 who were there, and about 15 were interested in starting a CCC group.

Getting something going there has always been a little difficult. The school will not allow us access to campus unless we have involved students, but we can't have involved students unless we go on campus. It really is as weird a policy as it sounds.

We were able to get a foot on campus because we were invited by another Christian group to be with them today. We have an informational meeting for interested students on September 7th, so pray that goes well.

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