Summer Update

As most of you know, we normally spend our summers, when the universities are not in session, staffing various mission projects either in the US or occaisionally overseas. This summer was different for us, however.

Last year, in the summer of 2006, we were away from home for 10 weeks at once. This proved to be too long for our family. Last year, our kids slept 100 nights in beds other than their own. We wanted to change that this year and give them more stability.

So, for this summer, we were assigned to work on our financial support and to take time for me to work on an MDiv degree that I (Adam) have been pursuing via correspondence. We spent four weeks in Ohio, seeing our supporters there, and I have been working on meeting new supporters in the Vancouver/Portland area. So far God's blessing has been good.

Anyway, our goal was to have a summer where we could get some necessary work done, while at the same time giving our kids the chance to have a low-key time without too much stress and change and travel. As summer winds down, it looks like this has happened, and we are all ready for the start of another school year!

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