After the race

People have asked us how we have felt this week after the marathon. Truthfully, we have felt pretty good! Anne went walking for the first time again on Wednesday, and I ran yesterday for the first time since the race. We are already looking forward to another race sometime.

The photo on the left is after Anne finished, and the one on the right is coming across the St. John's Bridge at 17.5 miles. This is where I started to feel great and picked up my pace a little.

Something that has been fun for me has been how proud my dad has been of me while doing this. It's funny how I am almost 32 and I still get a kick out of impressing my dad.


Anonymous said...

Adam and Anne,

Great job on the race! All I remember is that one time in Vegas, Adam fell on the ground after slipping on a rock, and then he got up and credited his "high threshold for pain" for being able to continue. Classic.

I know it isn't much, but I added a little to the support for your ministry. I've been praying for you guys - for your financial future.

I love you guys. This is Will Pulgarin - not some anonymous person.

Adam & Anne said...

Yes, and my 'high threshold for pain' allowed my to hang out with you all those years too!

Thanks for the increase, Will...we need to get together sometime, it has been too long.