Portland State University

Last week saw the launch of Portland State University. Our team was on campus all day, meeting students looking to be involved on campus.

At one point the coach from one of the women's athletic teams came up to our table and asked us if we would come to her team and get a Bible study started. She shared how there are a few Christians on her team, and quite a bit of spiritually open women as well. Now one of our staff team members is following that up and putting together a study that we hope will grow to involve other athletes as well!

We are seeing quite a lot of 'divine appointments' like this this year. Our staff team has been praying non-stop for God to surface opportunities like this one on all of our schools, and God is definitely being faithful to answer. We are starting to bog down a little in trying to follow them all up, and we still have several schools to launch. This is a good problem to have.

Please pray for us as we discover where God is working in Portland and attempt to join him there!

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