You always hurt the ones you love

Yesterday was a tough day with Allison. She was low-grade moody all day, and threw an epic tantrum right before dinner. By the time I got home, Anne had had enough. As she was venting to me about her day with her daughter, she said:

"You should take her for a while. She's your daugther. She's just like you: grouchy when she wakes up, loud, stubborn...well, at least she doesn't look like you!"

I found this extremly funny. I have always said that one of my fears was that I would have a daughter that looked like me.

I have long thought that we say things to our spouses that we would never say to anyone else. I actually think that is a good thing, since a marriage should be a place where you can trust each other to say and hear anything.

Even so, that was a good one! (Anne was right on all counts, by the way.)

Oh, and Anne can share some of my blurted-out gems too, if she wants.

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