Clark County update

So we have had a difficult time over the years getting campus ministries established at both Clark County schools - Clark College and Wahington State- Vancouver. But, God seems to be showing us favor this year.

I meet tomorrow with the pastor of a nearby church that would like to explore a partnership with Campus Crusade at Clark College. At a commuter school, it is often difficult for us to find enough students who can lead a ministry at their campus. A church partnership brings an established group of students to build the ministry around. Campus Crusade provides on-campus access, resources like our Freshman Survival Kits, and numerous conference and mission opportunities. This type of partnership can be tough to set up, but has mutual benefits for us and for the church involved and is worth the effort.

Also, I have been contacted by a faculty member at Washington State - Vancouver who is considering being our faculty advisor. All campus student groups need to have a faculty advisor, but this can often be the hardest part of getting established. He was approached in this case by a student who is helping to get CCC recognized at WSU-V.

Putting the pieces together at commuter schools can take time. I have seen it done hastily, and the result is almost always a poor group that has to be regularly restarted, or worse, shut down intentionally. If we are patient for God to assemble the right people and circumstances, we will have a better, more impactful group on campus.

We are looking to do the same thing (start-up in new locations) at several other schools in Portland. Please pray for the right people, circumstances, and wisdom to put them all together.

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